How do I use my fetal Doppler?

The best way to begin an exam is to be lying down exposing the abdomen, although it may be possible to find the heart rate in a sitting or standing position. Apply a generous amount of ultrasound gel to the fetal Doppler probe. Early in pregnancy the best technique is to begin with the transducer (probe) on the midline of the abdomen (above the pubic line) aiming downward behind the pubic bone. The probe should then be angled slowly in search for the fetal heart rate.

Be patient, early in pregnancy the size of the fetal heart is so small and the sound so faint it can be very easy to pass over and miss the sounds. A 2 Mghz probe is best for early detection, standard on Hunt Leigh FD1+ and D920. A full bladder can make it easier to find the heartbeat. Try to keep from dragging the probe around as it will only increase static and make it more difficult to find the heartbeat.

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Baby Heartbeat Monitoring in Home

Baby Doppler

The baby heartbeat can be monitored by using fetal Doppler. A fetal Doppler is a device that observes the heartbeats of your baby. Baby Doppler can be used in home but it is important to confirm that you are using FDA approved Doppler. However ultrasound is safe for your baby.

baby doppler

You can monitor baby’s heartbeat at any time after the 10th week of pregnancy until your due date.

The main advantage of fetal monitor is that it gives comfort to parents and gives them trust that their pregnancy is succeeding as it should. The Baby Doppler is really useful and effective for those mothers who are really worried about their little babies as it helped them to connect with their child.

Baby Doppler uses to check out the high frequency sound waves that are formed by your baby’s heart. These sound waves are not easily heard under normal conditions. The probe is then moved until your child’s heartbeat is noticed. When the sound waves are found, they sent from the probe to the Doppler (fetal heartbeat) monitor from where you can hear it.

Baby Dopplers differs in their frequency ranges between 2 or 3 MHz probes. Normally a 3 MHz probe is recommended during early days of pregnancy. While a 2 MHz probe is recommended for overweight pregnant women. Doctor must be consulted for choice of baby Doppler.

It is important to have proper prescription of your doctor before using heartbeat monitor. Secondly mothers should visit doctor timely whether she is using baby Doppler in home or not.

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Baby Heartbeat Doppler

It is very common that women get worried about the health of their babies in an early stage of pregnancy. The use of Baby Doppler reduces this stress because it allows you to monitor your baby’s heart beat, which is a simple way to check if your baby is doing fine.

Baby Doppler work by receiving a heartbeat sound and then amplify it, so doctor can examine if everything is fine inside or is there any problem. Under the normal situation, we cannot hear the heart beat because there are many layers of tissue, fat and muscles. There are also fluids and liquid, which resist the sound, the result is we cannot hear the sound with bear ears. That is why a Baby Doppler device is used. However, you can only hear heart beat of your baby after 8-12 weeks of pregnancy, so do not get worry if you do not hear it straight away.

We take special jell used in a Baby Doppler device then apply it gently to your belly, a probe is placed on the belly and moved in order to receive a good signal. The signal is then sent back to processing unit, after processing you can see the output at the monitor or you can hear the sound. The Baby Doppler device and heart rate monitor at home has a similar process.

Baby Doppler devices are very simple and you can yourself calculate the heart rate of your baby. These are portable, so you can also run these on batteries. Which makes them available anywhere you want. Some products have warning system they alert you if fetal heart rate (FHR) is too fast or too slow.

Peace is a priceless element for pregnant women and products like Baby Dopplers are helpful for baby heartbeat monitor. Finally it is soothing for a mother to listen to her baby’s heart beat.

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What is Fetal Heart Rate Monitor

Fetal Doppler Monitor

A Doppler fetal monitor or fetal heart rate monitor is a portable Doppler ultrasound transducer that uses Doppler effect to detect the heart beat in a fetal and gives it a distinct simulated heart beat. Some models also display heart rate beats per minute. The use of this monitor is sometimes known as Auscultation Doppler.

A Doppler fetal monitor provides information about the fetus is similar to the information provided by a fetal stethoscope. One benefit of fetal Doppler monitoring over a headset (not electronic) fetal stethoscope is the audio output, which allows people other than the user to hear the heartbeat. One disadvantage is the greater complexity and cost, and lower reliability of electronic devices.

Embryonic Heart Rates

The opening of the week five fetal heart will accelerate at a rate of 3.3 beats per day for the next month.

The fetal heartrate begins to beat about the same rate as mothers, which is bpm 80 – 85. Below illustrates the approximate fetal heart rate for 5-9 weeks, assuming an initial 80

  • Week 5 starts at 80 and ends in bpm 103
  • Week 6 starts at 1:03 and ends at bpm 126
  • Week 7 starts at 126 and ends at bpm 149
  • Week 8 starts at 149 and ends at bpm 172
  • In week 9 the fetal heartbeat tends to beat within a range of bpm 155 – 195.

The fetal heart rate started to decline and will generally fall in the number of bpm 120 – 160 to week 12

Forecast Genus

It’s a boy or a girl, old wives tale suggests that the fetal heart rate above the bpm 140 is a sure sign to be a girl and fetal heart rate below the mean bpm 140 is a boy. This theory is based on the fact that girls have the highest metabolism of the boys, unfortunately there is no statistical evidence to verify this story and in fact the evidence shows that there is no relationship between heart rate and sex.

Types of Fetal Doppler

The Dopplers for home or hospital use varies in the following ways:

  1. Manufacturer – the popular structures are Huntleigh, LifeDop, radio, storks, and Nicolette
  2. Type of controls – Waterproof or not. The resistant checks are essential for water births.
  3. Megahertz frequency – 2 or 3 megahertz controls. Most women can find the heart rate with either 2 or 3 megahertz controls. A 2 megahertz check up to detect a heart rate in early pregnancy (8-10 weeks), A 3 megahertz monitoring is recommended for women who are plus size and pregnant.
  4. Demonstrate Heartrate – some dopplers automatically display the heart rate, other fetal heart rate should be counted by hand.
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Labour Step by Step During Pregnancy

What will your labour be like? All labours follow the same stages – but yours will also be unique in many ways.

By Teresa Pitman

By the end of your pregnancy, your uterus has expanded from a small organ about the size of a pear to a large sac of muscle that extends from just below your ribs to your pubic bone. Now that uterus is preparing for its most important task: pushing your baby out into the world.

Until now, the baby has been well-protected and comfortable inside the bag of water (called the amniotic sac) within the uterus. The bottom of the uterus (called the cervix) protrudes slightly into the vagina and is like a thick donut with a very small hole in the middle. It’s this hole that needs to be gradually opened up during labour to allow the baby to be born.


Before labour actually begins, a number of “advance preparations” take place. For some time now, you have probably been feeling your uterus tighten painlessly now and then; these are called Braxton-Hicks contractions and they help the uterus prepare for the harder work of labour. As the “birth day” draws near, you may even have some false labour – a series of contractions that peter out and don’t result in the arrival of the baby. The cervix will become softer in preparation for the stretching process that will happen during labour. You may also notice that walking is more difficult than usual. This is caused by a loosening and softening of the cartilage between the bones of your pelvis to make it easier for the baby to pass through.

If this is your first birth the baby will probably move down into your pelvis a few weeks before labour starts. This is described as the baby being engaged or dropping. You will notice that your breathing is a little easier and that pressure on your bladder increases.

One of the ways that the baby is protected inside the uterus is by a plug of thick mucus in the opening of the cervix. As the cervix softens and begins to open up, that mucus comes out ( usually mixed with a bit of blood. You may notice the pink or red-tinged mucus on your underwear or when you wipe yourself after going to the bathroom) this is often called a bloody show and may appear either during labour or a few days before.

Women also frequently experience loose bowel movements just before or during the early hours of labour. This is the body’s way of making more room for the baby to emerge.


No matter how many children you have already had, or how many birth stories you have heard from others, each labour and birth is unique. What happens will be affected by the position of your baby, your physical health and condition, and other factors (like the birth environment and your feelings) that we don’t fully understand. While it is a good idea to prepare for labour and make some decisions about what you would like to happen, it’s also important to keep an open mind and realize that things may be different from what you expect.

When does labour really begin? It’s hard to say. Some women will experience contractions over a period of hours or days, and then feel discouraged because their caregiver reports no dilation of the cervix. But these contractions are not wasted (they are softening and thinning the cervix so it is ready to open. If this ripening of the cervix has, instead, happened gradually in the days or weeks prior to labour, then you may go right into active labour, with no doubt about it!

The earliest contractions may feel like strong menstrual cramps or like an intermittent backache. At first, contractions may be fairly short ( perhaps 30 to 40 seconds long ( with 15 or 20 minutes in between. You can walk and talk through contractions, and may be wondering if you are in labour or not. If it is night, you should rest as much as possible in preparation for the hard work ahead of you. These early contractions are softening the cervix, thinning it out and beginning to pull it open.


As labour continues, the contractions generally become stronger, more intense, longer, and closer together. The cervix is definitely dilating now. If the baby is in a posterior position (with the back of his head against your back), which happens in about one out of four births, you may feel pain or intense pressure in your back, and this may not disappear entirely between contractions.

As the cervix opens further, you will see more mucus and some blood. You will need to stop walking during these contractions, and may need to lean on a wall or your partner for support. Or you might prefer to be sitting or kneeling.


By now, you may have been labouring for many hours. You’re tired and may be fed up with the whole thing. You are moving into the most intense stage of labour, as the contractions pull the cervix the rest of the way open to allow the baby to be born.

Contractions in the transition stage may be right on top of each other, with little time to rest or relax in between. Because the baby is beginning to move down into the pelvis, positions that were comfortable earlier in labour may not work any more. You may feel nauseated or vomit, experience shaking or trembling (especially in your legs), feel flushed and hot, feel scared, panicky and overwhelmed. While this can be a tough stage, all these are positive signs ( you are getting close to the birth of your baby.

Transition, while intense, is usually the shortest part of labour.


When those transition contractions have done their job and opened the cervix all the way, most women feel a strong urge to bear down and push the baby out. It is very much like the feeling you have when you need to have a bowel movement (the baby is pressing on many of the same nerves). Sometimes this pushing urge is almost impossible to resist, coming in several surges through each contraction; in other cases the feeling is less clear and you may need some direction and encouragement from your birth attendants. You will be helped to find a comfortable position: perhaps squatting, semi-sitting with legs supported, or side-lying with the top leg supported.

Pushing a first baby through the cervix, into the vagina and then into the outside world is usually a slow process: each push moves the baby a little bit forward, but when the contraction ends the baby slides back. Contractions are further apart than they were during transition, and this stage may take a couple of hours. Second and subsequent babies may come much faster.

Eventually, you will feel a burning sensation at the entrance to the vagina as the baby’s head crowns and stretches the skin. If you can, you may want to pant or blow rather than push during the next contractions, to allow your tissues to stretch more gently. Another contraction or two and the baby’s head emerges, normally facing towards the mother’s back. After a moment or two, the head begins to turn to allow the shoulders to be born. Once the shoulders are delivered, the rest of the baby usually slips quickly out, still attached to the mother by the umbilical cord. Your baby is here!


Your baby is born, but your labour isn’t quite over. The cord will be clamped and cut, and then (while you admire your new son or daughter) your attendants await the arrival of the placenta. After nine months of nourishing your baby, this organ is no longer needed, and you will experience a few more mild contractions as it is expelled.

While all labours will follow these stages to a certain extent, yours will be unique in many ways. You may have a very short early labour and a longer-than-usual transition stage. Your contractions may never get close together ( you might just give birth with contractions ten minutes apart. Your labour might be very quick but intense, or last for several days. It may be nothing at all like your last birth.

Being prepared for labour means staying flexible: no one can really predict what your experience will be like. But you can also await the birth of your baby with confidence that your body has been beautifully designed to give birth and to work through the stages of labour.

Tips for Labour Pain Relief

  • Preparation is important, since most people fear the unknown. Understanding what happens in labour and why can make the labouring woman feel more confident.
  • Each woman and her partner need to discover what helps her relax before labour starts.
  • Breathing patterns can provide something to focus on, but generally slow, relaxing breathing is the most effective.
  • Listen to music; if you’re giving birth in hospital, bring your own tape and player along.
  • Try water therapy ( many hospitals now make showers and whirlpool tubs available to labouring women.
  • Gentle massage can be very relaxing, although some women don’t like to be touched at all.
  • Walking and moving around in labour is very helpful. It not only shortens labour but makes it more comfortable. When contractions are too strong to walk through, you can lean on your partner or against a wall.
  • If you decide to sit in bed, you should change positions frequently. You may want to lie on one side, sit propped up, squat or kneel.
  • For back labour, many women find that kneeling on all fours, leaning on a counter or table, lying on one side, or straddling a chair or toilet seat backwards helps. Gentle massaging of the lower back, counterpressure, or applying either ice or a heating pad can also help.
  • Although food is not well digested during labour, you can eat whatever you feel like and should at least take sips of juice or ginger ale to stay hydrated. (In hospital, you may be restricted to fluids only.)
  • Emptying the bladder frequently is important, even though you may not feel the need to go to the toilet.
  • Many women find imagery helpful (they imagine themselves in a peaceful setting, or they focus on ‘opening’ images (such as a flower blooming) as the contractions open the cervix.
  • Low moaning noises are often a good way to release tension and promote relaxation.
  • The presence and encouragement of a constant companion are extremely valuable. If labour is long, having more than one person available to provide support is a good idea.

– from midwife Jennifer Ristok

Fetal cannot be held liable for any consequences so consult medical practitioner first.

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Yoga Maternal Clothes

Yoga is a wonderful way of exercise forever health, enjoyment, stress put out, and generally perfect for promoting actual well being. If you’re new to practicing yoga, you probably have some doubts about what you need when you start your initially classes. For example, what do you would like in the way of yoga and fitness clothing? Workout to help you purchase your first yoga exercises clothes.

1st, think about the thing that makes you feel relaxed. In the summer, what are the clothing do you wear to hold cool? If you’d prefer shorts or even Capri pants, it feels right to look for a similar style of shorts for Pilates. The same goes pertaining to tops. Ones clothing needs to be loose installing enough for you to feel comfortable and permit plenty of room intended for movement and also breathing, but is not so loose that your body is shape is lost within the folds of clothes. Your teacher needs to be able to see your body and in what way it actions to help you perform your stretches and techniques correctly.

Expecting a little one? If you undertake yoga, and you are clearly pregnant, you can keep doing much of your regular exercises, but pretty soon it might be time and energy to start thinking of maternity meditation clothes. Maternity yoga clothes are, of course, akin to regular yoga exercise clothing, but there are some unique considerations you really should keep in mind when choosing maternity yoga exercises clothes. Yoga pants by using wide, elastic waistbands might be convenient while you are with child.

But ensure that they aren’t as well tight as this can be discomforting to you and your baby, along with tight outfits can also prohibit blood flow along with ease of motion. While reduce fitting tops are often appropriate yoga, you might like to consider a a little bit snugger top as long as you’re pregnant in order to avoid any shameful belly shows while performing certain elongates and actions. (Unless, certainly, this doesn’t make an effort you.) Select undergarments that happen to be comfortable, and plenty of service, yet likewise allow you to move freely. Several women locate they sweat more than usual during pregnancy, so ensure your apparel, from underwear to tops and pants, are loosened fitting and sweat absorbing. Many companies create yoga clothes specifically for expectant mothers. But this does not mean that you have to don maternity yoga exercise clothes you can simply buy yoga apparel in more substantial sizes issue seems much more practical, or perhaps makes you more comfortable.

Remember that yoga clothes need to fit easily, and make you feel positive and also good with regards to you, regardless of whether you will be pregnant this is. If you are doubtful about if the clothes fit properly, as a friend opinion. Above all, you should come to feel as comfy and content in your mum to be yoga garments as you do in your normal yoga clothes. Choose types and colors you are pleased with, regardless of what other folks may think or maybe consider typical.

Tips on Choosing Pregnancy Clothes

Pregnancy has become the most thrilling times of a woman’s life. You could find undoubtedly bound to be numerous other considerable events in her own life the two just before in addition to after the woman pregnancy but next to nothing matches pregnancy for your amount of adjustments it can create upon the girl body and mind. This might also be quite a stressful in time her life in particular when she is unaware of the changes that may occur and it’s as a result not really prepared.

You must select your mum to be clothes in relation to what you are likely to be doing in the course of your pregnancy. In case you must have on trousers to figure you could get ones that contain stretch companies on the waistline. These expand bands will expand in order to make way for ones growing tummy. You could also have on a top that addresses the midsection so that the stomach band is hidden.

In the event that its to nearly impossible to find time, attempt to incorporate work out into twiddling with your baby and even take them for a go. Every little helps.

It’s very critical for one to celebrate expecting due to the fact this may raise your alcohol like nothing else thing may. You can find lots of choices there for pregnant ladies today simply because believe that it happens to be their straight away to look desirable regardless of what. You will see lots of maternal clothes offered nowadays that are as attractive as they are precious. Ensure that you get maternity clothes which might be made of lightweight natural fabric if the area you live in is rather comfy and monsoon. Maternity apparel meant for cold need to be rather easy to wear and will not hamper your capability to move.

The clothes that you choose in the course of your pregnancy enjoy a fantastic factor in keeping you happy. There is absolutely no grounds for you to don huge shapeless attire or to reside in pants together with elastic waists just simply since you could possibly be pregnant. You should not just buy clothes which can be a few styles bigger since the shoulder as well as chest sizes will then be too massive for you. It can be only the belly which expands drastically in the course of pregnancy although your bone structure continues to be same. You must have a knowledge of high blood pressure symptoms.

In the event you gained a normal 25-35 pounds and they are willing to feed on healthy and employ regularly you may count on fitted back into ones pre-pregnancy clothes in 6 months. Even after giving birth you’ll lose between 8-15 pounds with regards to the size of your baby. Keep in mind that your hips may spread and you might feel bigger but it doesn’t mean you have excess fat on you. Typically, you will drop half of the weight you received during pregnancy within the first six weeks following. A good rule of thumb can be 2 kilos a week there after. However, the final 5 weight is what normally gets people. Try not to consider yourself, normally it takes a while to begin losing weight therefore you don’t want to get discouraged.

Heart Beat Doppler

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Diet Tips

Staying Fit

Did you know that one of the steps to stay fit is to control the portion sizes of your food? Nutritional experts recommend people to eat often and in smaller portions. Here are a few simple ways to eat smaller portions.

  • Use a smaller plate, it tricks your mind into believing you are eating more
  • Add a glass of water to every meal; it fills you up quickly
  • Place small amounts of food on your plate; don’t add extra spoonfuls
  • Avoid eating out of a bad or carton. Buy foods packaged in individual sizes
  • Eat slow since it takes 20 minutes for the brain to perceive you are full

Greens – the power of houses:

To stay healthy sneak in green vegetables into your daily diet. Greens nourish and strengthen our blood and immune system, prevent cancer, boost our energy level and improve liver and kidney functions.

Here are a few simple ways to add more greens into your diet:

  • Add a couple handfuls of greens to soups
  • Drink fresh green juices (add an apple or lemon for flavor)
  • Drink green tea
  • Add greens into omelets
  • Increase the greens portion on your plate and reduce the meat/fish portion

Health Tips by Dr. Sanober Rafique

Courtesy of The Express Tribune (Magazine)

Find more General Health Articles here.

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Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis is a devastating disease that is fatal if not treated properly. A defective gene causes the secretions to thick and sticky such as the lungs of mucus, digestive juices, sweat and secretions of reproduction. Serious and life-threatening problems may occur due to this thickening. There is no definitive cure for cystic fibrosis, but symptomatic treatment is given.

When the lungs and airways are congested, the patient coughs and cystic fibrosis produces thick phlegm. It is short of breath and wheezing develops. Polyps may grow in the nasal passages. The frequency of the sinuses, chest infections, pneumonia and bronchitis increase.

As the digestive juices do not reach the ground, the intestine ducts blocked by the pancreas and liver, fat and proteins are not digested. The stools are bulky, greasy and foul smelling. The cystic fibrosis patient may have an appetite excessive, but that is undernourished and underweight, because the food is not digested properly for absorption. Trypsin test may indicate whether sufficient pancreatic enzymes are available for digestion.

Sweat may taste salty. When we embrace a child with cystic fibrosis, one can enjoy the taste too much salt. To diagnose cystic fibrosis positively this salinity is measured in sweat. Coat year odorless chemical technicians on a small area of skin in the arm, and stimulate the area with an electric current to produce heavy sweating. The sweat should contain about 40 m mol / l in a normal person. Above 60 m mol / l of salt in sweat test will confirm the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is not another cause for sexual impotency but it can lead to fertility problems. In most people with cystic fibrosis, the tubes are blocked within which sperm move, leading to infertility.

The treatment of CF is to relieve symptoms and lead normal lives despite the disease. Mechanical vibrators keep the lungs and airways clear. Enzymes and vitamin supplements to keep the digestive system near normal. Americans with cystic fibrosis living 30-40 years, but with proper lifestyle management.

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Fetal Doppler Monitor Usage

Fetal Doppler at home?

Small devices, called Fetal Doppler, now offer the ability to listen to the heart Baby, anywhere, anytime.

Boom boom, boom boom … in your stomach, a little heart that beats of your baby. This magic moment, experienced by expectant parents during the first ultrasound, many would like to extend it. Some brands of infant care have had the idea to launch Fetal Doppler to use at home.

The fetal Doppler is in the pocket!

The latest of these devices, no bigger than a MP3 player for listening and record cardiac activity. Better still, the sound can be posted on the Internet to benefit Dad,  staying at the other end of the world!

But what do these doctors think about Fetal Doppler?

Fetal Doppler, perhaps not ideal!

Whether prospective parents have reason to adore the Doppler fetal side of the pros, one wonders …

The Fetus exposed to ultrasound

Roger Bessis do not condemn the existence of Fetal Doppler. But he pointed in these devices, an unnecessary risk-taking: “Consider first the health of the fetus” We know nothing of the impact of ultrasound on humans. Parents who use the Doppler Fetal probably not expose their baby to a very high risk, but not justified by medical interest. Better to buy a stethoscope … “

Know Your Baby, by heart!

The doctor also questioned the relationship building that these future parents with their child: “Listen to the heart of her baby wherever we want when we want, it’s like harass his teen on his laptop when he left the post PM: it enters her privacy without it did not ask. “

Beating, his heart stops …

Do not forget other side of anxiety from Fetal Doppler … Baby is incorrectly positioned, the result: Can not catch the slightest beat of his heart. “What will happen to mother? First panic, then take her gynecologist, request an ultrasound … A medical treatment that has no place.”

For all these reasons, Roger Bessis, as manufacturers, recommend a moderate use of Fetal Doppler.

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Chocolate is good for our Health

Chocolate is a very popular product throughout the world. Today it is a natural part of our diet. On the market there are many kinds of chocolate. Dark, milk, white, diabetic chocolate, flavored, which contain extra bits of still something else, or chocolate with air bubbles.

History of Chocolate

Home continent of cocoa and chocolate is Central America. Hot chocolate was a drink in the courts of the Aztec and Mayan kings. It was also used as an aphrodisiac in various religious ceremonies. Indians prepared the cocoa beverage from cocoa beans, prepared in simple terms. The first Europeans who met with cocoa, were Spaniards. They also began to import cocoa beans to Europe, which were intended only for the Spanish royal court. In large to be imported Dutch cocoa to Europe. In the north of South America and the Caribbean was founded by the Dutch plantations. Bobby was transferred across the ocean to Europe and processed in the windmills. This makes them acquire two main components of chocolate – cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

Chocolate and Our health – Deep Relation

Eating chocolate reasonably be beneficial to our health. If you eat chocolate with high cocoa content, so you refine your health. Chocolate contains beneficial substances that protect our body from various diseases including child.

The magnesium in chocolate prevents migraines, improves immunity and has anti-stress effect.

It is effective against proliferation.

It helps in fighting against cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol.

It protects the brain against stroke.

Provides the body with energy. Chocolate can give anyone. If the excessive intake of calories you export movement, like ordinary walking.

It contains the hormone of happiness, which improves mood.

Excessive consumption of chocolate is harmful, and are leading to obesity.

Chocolate is great medicine for your health and an excellent weapon against aging.

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Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis, which affects 30,000 American children and adults, is a multi-system disease caused by a defective gene. Currently, only symptomatic treatment is possible genes, but there are very promising clinical trials underway.

In the lining of the respiratory system liquefy the mucus becomes thick and sticky. In the management of cystic fibrosis, primary treatment system is thin or clear the mucus. Dilators such as albuterol Bronco used to clear an obstructed airway. Mucus thinning drugs delivered by aerosol, like Pulmozyme, are helpful.

The most effective way of clearing this mucus is mechanically dislodge. Banging on the chest and back, head tilted on the edge of a table, is very effective. There is an electric valve that does the job safely. There is an inflatable vest that vibrates and loosens electric mucus. Infection is a risk always present in patients with cystic fibrosis.

Regular plans for pneumonia and influenza are very important. Bacterial infection is carried out with newer antibiotics such as TOBY, which delivers the drug directly into the airways with aerosols.

Due to block the ducts of the pancreas and liver, bile and enzymes fail to reach the intestine. Although the patient is eating normally, even in excess, fats and proteins are not digested. Thus, patients with cystic fibrosis should be supplemented with the enzymes of pancreatic enzymes orally.

There is also the need to take vitamins, especially the fat soluble. If lung function is completely damaged, the only alternative would be lung transplantation. This would involve many factors, such as the availability of a donor and current health of the patient before undergoing major surgery.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has 115 centers across America, and provides guidance and advice. They support numerous studies to find the gene therapy to cure cystic fibrosis. The goal is to add normal genes to the airway cells to prevent further damage.

Biotechnology laboratories to produce healthy genes, to be delivered in the appropriate cells. These vectors, or delivery systems, are the main areas of research in the fight against cystic fibrosis. One method that is being actively pursued is to modify the common cold virus to carry healthy genes into cells correct.

On another track, the molecules of DNA are compacted to their minimum size and delivered directly to the cells in question without the need for support such as a virus. This technology is called PLAS min.

As this gene therapy experiments are at an advanced stage, people with cystic fibrosis can expect a permanent cure in the near future. Still medical science is looking for a proper treatment of cystic fibrosis.

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Delivery Process

The birth begins when the uterine muscle begins after regular intervals to move. During each of the uterine muscle contractions you feel in the lower half of blunt abdominal pressure of approximately 20-30 seconds. Do not worry about uterine muscle contraction.

If you just sleep, be sure to wake you up. Sometimes it happens that they also blunt abdominal pressure feel the pressure in cross country. The duration of uterine contractions can be felt easily.

If we put you in feeling a dull pressure hand on her belly, and while the bottom half of the abdominal wall, under which the uterus, you will feel as uterus hardens for a while. Do not be fooled by irregular contractions of the uterine muscle. They appear sometimes even a fortnight before the actual beginning of labor. They are characterized by the fact that they are losing quite irregular.

The second contraction followed by the first instance, after half an hour break, the next contraction comes to be two hours, another after the break třičtvrtěhodinové. Since these irregular contractions are only messengers of approaching the real beginning of the birth, doctors had once called “messengers”.

When therefore the uterine muscle begins to move at regular intervals (intervals between contractions sometimes takes 30 minutes by another woman twenty minutes for other women to be 15 minutes), remember that it starts labor, and especially that it came to your glorious day.

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Cystic Fibrosis – A Genetic Disease

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disease. Normally it is diagnosed before the age of three. In some cases it may take more time before anyone detects it. Cystic fibrosis was first described in 1936 by Dr. Guido Fanconi, a Swiss pediatrician. But the gene, called CFTR (for Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator), was not identified until 1989.

In all patients, a single gene causes the disease. There is still no treatment that would cure it. By cons, life expectancy and quality of life of sufferers have been greatly improved in recent decades. The intensity of symptoms varies greatly from person to person.

It affects the mucous glands, making their secretions very thick. As a result  lungs affected very badly. Indeed secretions obstruct the airways of the lungs. Breathing is labored and respiratory infections are common.

Cystic Fibrosis Impact On Digestive System

The mucus tends to block channels for the pancreas, preventing digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas to pour into the intestine and exert their activity. The food is only partially digested, significant gaps occur, which can lead to stunted growth.

The disease also has major repercussions on the liver and reproductive organs. In addition, the sweat of people with cystic fibrosis is much more concentrated salt.

A research on inherited diseases identified that the inherited disorders of cystic fibrosis include chronic pulmonary disease and hypertension.

Life expectancy with Cystic Fibrosis

Before the advent of antibiotics, almost all children with cystic fibrosis did not survive beyond the age of three. Today, the median survival is 37 years.

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Pregnancy is not an illness that prevents working

For many people, work has a great physical strain. For pregnant women there is no exception, and especially pregnancy state which deserves more attention. However, there are some reasons for not working.

Although women can work in pregnancy but it is important to be careful with some jobs that require greater physical efforts and that women in this state can not meet. Poor working conditions increases the chances of pregnant women having premature or underweight babies.

According to gynecologists pregnant patients can work and this can be done until the time of delivery, unless there is medical indication that prevents from work.

Pregnant Working Women

pregnant working women

Moms who can not go to work because their doctor gave them good reasons: early contractions, threatened abortion, elevated blood pressure and symptoms of Pre-eclampsia. So there are some good reasons to be at rest during pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia / eclampsia is one of the most common complications of pregnancy. It is a cause of high morbidity for both mother and fetus, especially in developing countries

If work generates stress or pregnant woman get tired and thus suffers from too much pressure elevations, it is better to relocate their work or leave the job.

Jobs not suitable for Pregnant Women

There are some high-risk jobs that a pregnant woman can not fulfill. For example, if horse trainer, drivers, mechanic or work that deserves too general physical exertion, such as heavy lifting, it would be better to take leave or retire. So all kind of jobs involving high physical efforts are not suitable for pregnant women.

Office work is not harmful to pregnant women

The computer is not harmful to the baby. The idea is that women continue their work, but also to look at rest and program of study and work schedules. Thus it is active, take care and enjoy your state.

Women who have other children should also organize and schedule your time at home. The idea is that someone else help with household chores and the care of other children.

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